Ron Headings

Ron Headings began making wire trees as a teenager in Kansas. Inspired by his love of trees and the coaching of a local County Horticulture Agent, Ron has refined his work with wire tree sculptures in a wide variety of shelf and wall-hanging formats over the past 49 years. He holds bachelors degrees in Mathematics and Economics from Bethel College and an MBA in Marketing from Indiana University. After a 28-year career at Procter and Gamble in Cincinnati in consumer science, Ron moved to Bluffton, Ohio to become the Vice President for Enrollment Management and Marketing at Bluffton University. He began selling his trees professionally in 2013. He loves to incorporate mathematics into his trees, including Fibonacci numbers and the golden ratio. He has done solo art shows at the St Rita Hospital Gallery in Lima, OH, and at Red Butte Gardens in Salt Lake City. Ron sees his trees as people, the forest like humanity. They come in an infinite number of colors, shapes, and sizes, each one beautiful in its own way. For each wire tree he sells, Ron plants a real tree.