Anna Miller

Anna Miller is a freelance artist based in Portland, Oregon. She is a printmaker, painter, surface designer, and illustrator.

Originally hailing from the rural farmland of southeastern Pennsylvania, Anna is firmly rooted in the history and folk art tradition of her regional birth community. Here in her Pacific Northwest home, Anna brings fresh life to Americana folk art in her contemporary patterns and designs.

Anna is particularly inspired by the lifelong art practice of her grandmother, Roma, who taught her the time-honored Pennsylvania-Dutch folk art of “fraktur” as a child. While certainly not always traditional, Anna’s flowers, leaves, birds, and patterns are often gestures to the classic fraktur motifs passed down to her through generations.

Working in loose collections that revolve around one shape or idea, Anna often moves across mediums while following a single thread. Repeat patterns, textile prints, and folk illustration anchor much of her current work.